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1 +1AC ~-~-- New
2 +
3 +Deep Human Space Exploration is drawn from the dreams of White Colonizers, rather than focus on the violence of the present. Governance recreates pro-capitalist futures through re-iterations ideals of “Sovereignty”.
4 + Caroline Haskins 18 (The racist language of space exploration, Outline,;zi=pacrlnev) 8-14-2018 //pyrex ultra
5 +On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence, head of the National Space Council,
6 +AND
7 +arguably shift questions away from questions of social justice and questions of inequality.”
8 +
9 +Maintaining the image of whiteness is only possible through images of progress, where anti-black and trans violence is a result of necropolitical, algorithmic media portrayals. This visibility creates the double-bind of recognition where the need to identify trans* bodies occurs in a neoliberal economy where violence gets coopted into representations of social justice, which recreates affective forms of futurity where is permitted through an intensity of eroticopoliticized violence
10 + micha Cárdenas 17 (DARK SHIMMERS: THE RHYTHM OF NECROPOLITICAL AFFECT IN DIGITAL MEDIA, Trap door: Trans cultural production and the politics of visibility,The MIT Press) xx-xx-2017 //pyrex ultra
11 +The first time I heard about the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando,
12 +AND
13 +, running in loops that provide constantly varied information in a repeated format.
14 +
15 +The economy of diversity operationalizes itself through an ever-on-going continuation of violence situated in the coordinates slavery and settler colonialism as gender and sexual difference acts as the mechanism for unintelligibility to situate whiteness in the position of the sovereign. Designating the Other for the position of Overkill, necessitating necropolitical violence in order to enact a society of control.
16 + Che Gossett 16 (Che Is A Gender Studies Phd Student At Rutgers University And Is Working On A Project Titled “Blackness, The Beast And The Non-Sovereign.”,Los Angeles Review of Books,! ) 9-13-2016 //pyrex ultra
17 +RECENTLY I STOOD in the binary-gendered bathroom line at New York Penn Station
18 +AND
19 +begins in and as Black and Native theory, knowledge, and power.
20 +
21 +These bodies are marked with the figure of the queer, violently forced into a space that occupies less than nothing. Whiteness seeks not only to be the colonizing force, but also the savior. However, as it cannot comprehend impossibility, it opts to destroy.
22 + Eric Stanley 11 (Near life, Queer Death: overkill and ontological capture, social text, duke university press)xx-xx-2011 //pyrex ultra
23 +Wounds of Intimacy The queer, here Rashawn Brazell, Lauryn Paige, or Scotty
24 +AND
25 +quite alive, what form might redress take, if any at all.
26 +
27 +Thus, we affirm black trans* abolition to negate the violence of visibility surrounding space dialogue. Only this can solve mass violence occurring through transparency and its pursuant representations.
28 +
29 +Voting affirmative is a vote for a dialectic of revolution to counteract anti-black and anti-trans* constructs. Abolition seeks to perform the erasure of the white imago, a withdrawal from traditional politics as usual into one of radical opacity as an action of sabotaging the visual, where whiteness depends on positive visuality to be comprehended and withstood where interdiction causes that visual to collapse.
30 +
31 +Abolition acts as nondialectical difference where our project is solidarity with difference, solidarity not being solid, understanding by not being understood at all. Being seen whilst not being reduced to a singularity, which makes it impossible to understand nothing as a singular embodied thing inside the binarization of hierarchical powers that enable them
32 + Eric Stanley 17 (Anti-Trans Optics: Recognition, Opacity, and the Image of Force, A G A I N S T the D A Y, Duke University Press, xx-xx-2017 //pyrex ultra
33 +By way of obscuring the question of reparation and redistribution, representation has been produced
34 +AND
35 +history, but perhaps not banishing the image of something yet to come.
36 +
37 +Humanist Civil Society is starting to grapple with its failure, trying to exclude debate with National Space Policy rather than how the topic paper wrote about it. Western Civilization is grappling with this through colonization; attempting to fix all its failures through Settler Columbus Part 2. Thereby, we wish to abolish everything about Space. The Fascist Sun, the Golf Courses on the Stars, the hidden crater on the moon, only by seeking the destruction of the ability to flee from its failures can we see the end of Intelligibility
38 +Sam Kriss 15 (Manifesto of the Committee to Abolish Outer Space, New Inquiry, 2-2-2015 //pyrex ultra
39 +There’s nothing there already. We have been lied to, subjected to a cruel
40 +AND
41 +you will have been elected to join the Committee to Abolish Outer Space.
42 +
43 +Part of our call is the abolishment of the system of gender itself. Gender implicates the ability for us to think about Outer Space as it makes Inner Spaces like this one a site of population management ~-~-- Gender creates a system of total transparency and coherence to produce static subjects which has produced systems of violence against coherence like Anti-Blackness and Settler Colonialism these semiotic forces create the ability for fungibility of certain bodies
44 +Lila Lavender 18 (Assemblages, or, a Manifesto about Gender, It’s Functions, and the Necessity of its Abolition,Medium, ) 10-9-2018 //pyrex ultra (1:30)
45 +Preface Calling for the abolition of anything causes shock. Shock to the system.
46 +AND
47 +Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Mass Death
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1 +Chaz Wyche
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1 +Missouri State Kauffman-Reeves Aff
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1 +1AC ~-~-- CAOS
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1 +Kentucky